The Leaders of Our Pack

Dogs Abound was founded to help our clients–both human and canine–lead better lives through our services and knowledge. 

Our goal is to provide extraordinary canine care. We habitually go above and beyond to ensure the health, well-being and safety of ALL clients who cross our threshold.

By giving dogs exercise, structure, socialization and enrichment, they each become better “canine citizens.” Dogs Abound dogs show not only their own families, but the community at large, what well-behaved dogs are capable of!

Dogs Abound is owned and operated by Lu Ann Marino and Elizabeth Randall. After working together at a canine care facility in Orange County, Liz and Lu both believed that a unique model could be created. They have built an environment that benefits not just the dogs, but ultimately their people as well.

Lu Ann Marino

Lu Ann Marino

Lu Ann Marino is the Queen of the “back of the house” at Dogs Abound, and is loved by both her canine and human charges alike.

She has an incredibly caring and sweet disposition, especially with the smaller and more sensitive dogs.

It takes little time for any dog to realize “Auntie Lu” speaks their language. Lu Ann has an extensive history working with dogs, 

Elizabeth "Liz" Randall    liz@d  ogsa

Elizabeth "Liz" Randall

Elizabeth, or Liz, Randall grew up in North County San Diego, and has worked with animals her whole life. Growing up in a dog- and horse-centric family, she was an avid, competitive equestrienne by age nine.

She has parlayed her love and talents for working with animals into a career in which she helps dogs, and ultimately their humans, achieve higher levels of communication, with each other and beyond.

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