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This place is Fantastic!

My dog heels real well unless I take him there. As soon as we get out of the car my dog pulls and pulls to get in the front door. He is beyond happy to go there. They have anything you could possibly need. They have daycare, training, grooming, boarding etc.

All the dogs are so happy there. I couldn’t find a better place to take my dog and the staff is so wonderful to him. THIS is the place you want to take your dog.
— Claudia A.
It’s always tough leaving your pups in the hands of others, but sometimes that’s what you need to do.

Super stoked these guys were able to accommodate us when last minute plans meant we couldn’t use our local friends to take in our little guy.

Parking was ample and it was easy to get to as we left town on the 78.

The staff was super nice and the facility was clean. There’s separate areas for the big dogs and small too. Our guy came back to us tail wagging and happy as ever.

While I was there I met a woman who was dropping off her two dogs for doggy day care. She said she’s a new customer too (sounds about right since it’s a new facility), but loved the staff and her dogs seemed to feel the same way.

Fairly priced, but call ahead because you’ll need to be prepared to show your pup has the proper shots and what not and you may need to get that from your vet, because if you’re like me, you lost it!

Dog lovers and owners running a dog daycare facility, what a novel idea!
— Bill B.
Our dog just completed the day training program. He is more calm than when we started, he’s better on the leash and more socialized with other dogs. We were taught how to handle him better and cues to watch for. Liz was fantastic and gave us some homework before we continue on to obedience and agility training for our Doberman.

Heard about DogsAbound through a write up in the paper as we were looking for a place to continue training (for all of us)and find a possible boarding when we travel.
— Jeff S.
My family and I were recently staying at the Residence Inn Marriott on Las Posas and we had our two Australian Shephards, Booey and Ryder, stay at Dogs Abound. We were so happy and comfortable leaving them here with this wonderful staff.

They were well taken care of and always cheerful. So from the Jasmer family (furry and not) we’d like to give this place 5 stars for excellent customer service !
— Chelsea J.
We have been bringing our 5 month old chocolate lab puppy, Zeus, to Dogs Abound for the last couple of months. We have been very happy with everything. The facility is very clean and has a lot of space to accommodate large numbers of dogs. Liz and Lu, the two owners, are super helpful and always available to answer questions. Liz is a dog trainer and I really appreciate that they made sure Zeus was playing with dogs that were age and play-style appropriate.

We had to go on a 12 day vacation recently and took advantage of the board and train program. For just a little extra cost over the regular boarding rate, we were able to have Liz work with Zeus every day. We were pleased at his progress when we came back. He had picked up on several skills that we had some difficulty teaching him ourselves.

Dogs Abound is located right near the Fry’s Electronics between the 78 and San Marcos Boulevard. It’s super convenient to where we live and it’s easy for us to pop Zeus over for a daycare day when work gets crazy.

We feel like Zeus is part of their family, and that’s important to us when we are away or traveling. We highly recommend Dogs Abound!
— Gigi R.
We have two German Shorthair’s who love it when we drop them off for either Doggie Day Care or the weekend. The best part if for a day, they are worn out!! Which makes for a nice quiet evening at home. Wonderful service and super awesome staff. Highly recommended!!
— Michael F.
I have two dogs and have been bringing my Australian Shepherd puppy here for daycare since she was 8 weeks old. I love that they allow young puppies to come to play with other dogs around the same age. I might also add that Im super picky when it comes to leaving my dogs with just anybody. I met Liz at a Pet Expo several months prior, before I even had my new puppy, and I could just tell she had a passion for dogs and really knew dog behavior. I trust her and the staff 100%. Piper seems to enjoy her days here, and comes home tired and relaxed. I’m also using Liz for puppy training and some private training with my older Aussie. She is a great teacher and is always willing to be available for any questions I have, and her training methods are positive and fun for the dogs.
— Jenny P.
I absolutely love Liz and Lou and staff! I had 2 of my Aussies boarded for 5 months with them as I waited for my house to be repaired after a hot water leak. I had one of my 3 in the hotel with the family but the 2 I had to board were very difficult and I was afraid that no one would accept them. One doesn’t do well with other dogs, and the other is the boss and pulls the strings whether he is in the mix, or just on the sidelines. Neither did well in a day-care environment. My boys just couldn’t get along with any other dogs except Liz’ dogs. Not even another Aussie girl.

Liz and Lou nursed one of my boys through an eye injury, which was a result of my introducing him to a friends dog outside of Dogs abound. She was rinsing his eye several times a day and kept me up to date via email of his progress. I was so grateful for their help and the fact that I could get in touch with them via email any time I needed to.

Dogs Abound has so many services that are incredible. If your babies need food, first they email to let you know, but more importantly, they will go and get that food for you so that your dogs have what they’re used to. They have bully sticks, treats, bathing at an additional cost but it’s minimal. I was most amazed that when I wanted to feed raw bones-and knew my dogs would have a digestion issue, they told me to get pumpkin and yogurt and they would give it to them to help their tummies deal with it.

That is awesome and above the call of duty! My boys were a howling, barking mess when I visited and as long as I came to visit early, they were still able to get my wolfie howlers to settle down for the evening. I wholeheartedly recommend Dogs Abound and kudos to them for dealing with my “talkers”. I am very greatful!!!!
— Sherry J.
I’m really, REALLY, picky about Dog Daycare when it comes to Murray. He’s a regular at a great place in Los Angeles, where I live, but we found that location after a few “meh” places. I figure that if I’m leaving him somewhere for the day and I don’t feel totally comfortable about the place he’s at, then there’s no point, as I’ll just be worrying about him. Things that are really important to me are: attentive and knowledgeable staff, a reasonable dog-per-staff ratio, and cleanliness (some places are GROSS).

I wound up being in the North County area on a fairly frequent basis for work, and would have to leave LA hours before our dog daycare opened. Thus, I needed a place for Murray to go in the North County area. I met Liz through dog sports, and knew that she was really dog savvy so I decided to try out her place.

Wow! First off, the staff is *very* knowledgable. Liz is a Certified trainer, and she understands different kinds of dogs. This is great as she and Lu, the other owner, can separate dogs not just by size, but by temperament, and can also read their body language. This makes me feel comfortable, knowing that they can control the environment to avoid altercations between dogs (a wagging tail does not always mean that a dog is happy, after all!)

They are also very honest. I like my regular daycare because they will be upfront about what Murray is doing all day. They say he likes to be “in the pack” but isn’t the one engaging in rough play. Some daycares said “oh yeah, he’s the life of the party” only to find pictures of him sitting under play structures or in the corner. When Liz said that he was comfortable, but doing his usual, I knew that she was painting an accurate picture and not forcing the “story that someone wants to hear” on me.

And the place is clean. Always a good sign when they are willing to give you a tour - and that the place doesn’t reek of dog! I feel comfortable knowing that Murray isn’t going to come home having spent the day rolling in stuff he shouldn’t be (as he LOVES to roll in stuff!), and that they really care about the hygiene of the facility.

The price is totally fair, and you can get discounts through purchasing packages. They also sell some really high quality dog food, which can be difficult to find elsewhere, and at competitive prices. If I lived in North County, this would be my go-to place; since I don’t, I am excited when work sends me further south, as it means that Murray gets a play date at Dogs Abound.
— Tamar F.
I’ve used Dogs Abound for day care, training and boarding my puppy, Gogo. She loves it there so much that she practically drags me though the door with her tail wagging like mad! The facility is clean and spacious, and the staff are all very loving and understanding of what dogs need and love. Lu always greets Gogo with a snuggle.

Liz has been great at not only teaching Gogo, but more importantly, teaching me how to interact and behave with her. Gogo is so well behaved that I’m able to keep her at my office occasionally with no fuss. This is impressive for a 9-month old puppy! Dogs abound is fantastic - I give Liz and Lu the highest recommendation possible.
— Rachel H.
I stopped in to Dogs Abound after having seen them off the freeway. I had taken my dog to a daycare place nearby and after having him attacked and lack of good customer service, I needed a new place for him to make friends. Naturally, I was SUPER cautious as I don’t want my dog getting attacked and I want to know he’s in good hands.

My mind was INSTANTLY at ease when I met Liz at Dogs Abound. A Certified Trainer, she works with the dogs while they are at daycare. They know their stuff, and they don’t just throw your dog in a pen and forget about them. A blessing for me with my busy schedule, it’s hard for me to take my dog to training consistently.

Liz does the training while your dog is at daycare. How did I know it was working? Let me share:
My dog Ruxin developed a stubborn pattern of not wanting to get in the car. The treats kept getting bigger and bigger until finally he just simply refused to get in unless I wrestled him inside. He had training with Liz that week, and that day he simply, jumped right in! No fuss, no questions, no begging. It was amazing!

I also love that my dog can have a nice simple bath there for a great price. Having a Lab who likes to dig and get dirty is fun and sometimes, he doesn’t need all the fuss of some $50 luxury spa thing. Just a good ol fashioned bath that wont cost me an arm and a leg.

Im confident leaving my dog with Dogs Abound because I know they actually care. They call me to check up on him if I mention he’s not feeling good, and they write thorough report cards to let me know how he’s doing.

I am one proud dog mama, and grateful to have Dogs Abound.
— Christina C.
My Dude is considered “special Care” he has to be separate from other dogs and is picky about the people he likes, which makes it hard for me to be able to board him. Dogs abound has staff that took the time to get to know Dude and are able to care for him so I can enjoy my travels.
— Brenda B.
Nine days of boarding...two very fussy “pet parents” who have never boarded their dogs before... We usually do “dog friendly” vacations/road trips, but this time we would be getting on a plane and we had to figure out what to do with the pups.

I checked out a few different places and they were great, absolutely nothing wrong with the other places we looked into, but I felt that they were not a perfect “fit” for my dogs. We are fortunate to have many different styles of dog day care/boarding available here in San Diego and I knew the perfect place was out there. Just had to search a little more.

I got a referral from a friend to go check out Dogs Abound...when she said she would board her dogs there, no hesitation, I knew that I had to check them out, as she’s also a very fussy “dog mom”, lol. :)

After picking them up from their day care “trial” to see how they did at Dogs Abound and getting a great “report” back from Liz and Lu, and seeing that they were calm and content when I picked them up, I made the decision to board them there.

We picked them up this morning. They were thrilled to see us, but calm and not as “clingy” as I thought they would be. They are home and I think they’re feeling a lot like us today....tired from their “vacation”, and happy to be home.

They both looked great and I’m super pleased with the care they got!

Thank you, Liz and Lu and the rest of the staff at Dogs Abound for taking such awesome care of our babies!

If we EVER manage another vacation, (lol), we will definitely board with you again!
— Angela S.
I got my daughter 2 Pomeranian puppies for her birthday, both puppies are from the same littler and both 8 weeks old. The puppies wasn’t house trained and after 3 weeks of frustrations; I had it. They are so cute, but OMG, we never know what we going to step into when we wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning. I was so desperate to get them trained.

After researched and read many reviews, I decided to bring the pups and my daughter to meeting with Dogs Abounds. After spoke with Liz and Louann about the issues, they knew exactly what to do. We left the puppies with them for rest of the afternoon just so that both side can get to know each other.

The following week I brought the puppies to them and on the 3rd day I was amazed how much they’d improved. They’re not only house trained them, they also socialized with other dogs; Liz and Louann are amazing trainers and they care. Now, we bring the pups to dogs abound 2 - 3 times a week and I’m glad we found this place.

If you have a new puppy, you should have them trained and also it’s important to socialized with other dogs. I would totally recommend this place.
— Yowei L.
This place is awesome in every way. It is clean, well managed and very reasonably priced. They match the dogs up so if there is an aggressive dog it is not going to harm or scare your dog. They closely monitor play time.

They also board and train. I cannot say enough good about Dogs Abound. No more dirty unmonitored dog parks for my dog. Check it out. Only the best for my dog. Think of it as sending your dog to the best private school in town.
— Tom R.
Great facility and Staff that really knows dogs. We were on vacation, short notice, and they watched our 13 week old English Lab. Our pride and joy came home tuckered out for the 2 days they watched her. Was very surprised to chat with the employee and found out they played fetch with her. She has a very strong retrieve and described her in detail. will be using Dogs Abound again when in the SD area!!!!!!
— Jeff C.
I visited Dogs Abound and was so impressed. It is so clean! Cleaner than my house and I only have two dogs. :) Liz is a pro when it comes to dog sense. I would trust that she will keep my dogs safe and happy. While most of the space is indoors, the big roll-up doors give the pups plenty of fresh air and there are plans to expand the pay area outdoors, too.
— Kerry S.