Dog Daycare

The difference between Dogs Abound and other facilities is that we truly understand dogs and dog behavior, and we always work with their best interests in mind. Our clients’ safety and well-being are our highest priorities.

This means that we are constantly engaging with, supervising, and adjusting the dogs’ environment to ensure they are comfortable, happy, and having the time of their lives! All dogs joining us for day care must pass a behavioral assessment test to ensure everyone has the best possible experience!


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Dogs who most benefit from day care include;

  • Dogs who are in their early puppy years or adolescence who are looking for socialization and exercise

  • Adult dogs who are already well-socialized and enjoy the company of other dogs

  • Dogs who are happier when surrounded by human and canine friends

Dogs who should NOT attend day care include;

  • Dogs who have a history of aggression towards dogs or other humans

  • Dogs who are over a year old and have not spent time around unfamiliar dogs prior, or who are not interested in interacting with other dogs

  • Dogs who have chronic pain or health issues

Note: If you have questions about any of the above, and/or are not quite sure where your dog “fits” please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss the best solution for your specific dog.

Dogs may attend day care for either half day (less than five hours) or full day periods. They will be placed in size and temperament-appropriate groups to ensure the well-being of all dogs involved. Some little dogs like to “play big” and some larger or older dogs tend to prefer things a little more subdued.

All dogs have plenty of play time in the off leash play areas. We have learned through experience however that eight hours of unrestricted roughhousing is usually not in the best interest of the dog. Our dogs are rotated throughout the day between the play yards and quiet kennels for resting, napping and feeding times.

Some dogs may need a little more quiet time, some less, but they all will get a chance to have multiple breaks in their own private kennel or crate. This keeps all our canine charges in their best possible states, happy and tired when they head home, not cranky or frazzled.

Please use the button below to contact us with any questions about our dog day care, to schedule an interview.