Home Alone; Why Should I Consider Dog Daycare? 

Most pet owners feel guilty about leaving our dogs alone at home. The “sad puppy face” as you put on your shoes and pick up the car keys can be rough to walk away from. Sometimes in life, leaving your dog behind is unavoidable. But, dogs left alone on a regular basis can begin to develop behavioral issues from too many hours spent in isolation, or without enough mental and physical enrichment in their lives. Dogs that chew up baseboards or furniture, bark for prolonged periods, or even who behave while at home alone but who work themselves into a frenzy when their owners return from a long day at work are typically suffering from some form of isolation distress. 


A well-run dog daycare can be a great solution for dogs and owners that need extra assistance in giving their dog enough exercise and mental stimulation. A great dog daycare will first test your dog’s temperament, then assign them to size- and energy-appropriate groups for monitored play. Dogs should get not only an adequate amount of free play, but also be rotated for scheduled nap and rest times. 

Dog daycare doesn’t have to be a five-times-a-week event. Most dogs do very well on a two or three day a week program. Alternating a day of play and stimulation with a quiet day at home, and a weekend spent with the family is a great balance for the majority of dogs. Even owners who work from home can benefit from a few afternoons a week of letting the dog burn off some steam at daycare while they power through a conference call or project for a few hours.

Getting puppies and young dogs early exposure to a variety of new dogs, people and environments is critical to proper socialization. A solid puppy-focused daycare program can be a godsend to busy families who want to ensure their puppy gets the early education he/she needs.

We have a variety of daycare programs for puppies and young dogs. Please contact us to find out more.