Liz Randall has worked with animals, both her own and those belonging to others, for almost as long as she can remember. From riding ponies to Baskin Robbins in Solana Beach at age five, to working with a herd of more than 100 horses on a guest ranch in Wyoming in her twenties, to to flying across the country to compete in New York City at the Westminster Agility Championship with her rescued pit bull mix Phineas, she truly understands what it means to have complex and fulfilling relationships with animals.

Liz not only runs the “front of the house”, overseeing daily business operations, but she also heads the Dogs Abound training program, using scientifically-based, positive methods, and has held her Certified Pet Dog Trainer credential (CPDT-KA) credential for over five years. She is continuously learning new methods and theories of dog training, health, and overall wellness, and strives to be on the forefront of what is best for our dogs’ well being.

“I believe that dogs are phenomenally intelligent beings, and that they should be treated as such. When we open our minds to what dogs can do (instead of focusing on what they can't or shouldn’t do), we can achieve amazing things together.”

Liz is also known throughout Southern California dog sports for not only being a talented trainer of skills, but for having a high level of understanding of canine behavior, which allows her and her students to compete at the highest levels of their chosen sports. Liz competes locally and nationally in agility with her dogs. She also competes with and has titled her dogs in nose work, barn hunt, and lure coursing.

Liz teaches behavioral and sport lessons in San Marcos at Dogs Abound, and at other private facilities in North County San Diego. Please contact her directly for more details.



Max came to Dogs Abound in June of 2015 for training for his severe reactivity. After training with us, his behavior changed dramatically for the better.


Liz & Phineas Westminster Masters Agility Championship



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Contacting Liz

Elizabeth "Liz" Randall