The Califia Open Agility Cup

June 16th, 2018 :: Escondido, California




Can't travel to Europe but want to try your hand at FCI-level courses? Here is your chance! This event will cater to teams who want to stretch outside of their comfort zone and test their agility chops, as well as play to win!

We will be fostering a competitive atmosphere by scoring using time-plus-faults. First three runs will be cumulative, with a finals round for top seeds, to encourage a "lay it on the line" mentality.

Winners and placements will receive not just rosettes and cool loot, but bragging rights! Finals Cup winners in each height will win CASH prizes in addition to lots of other amazing bling!

Teams should be prepared to tackle FCI-style courses designed by internationally-known judge Tamás Tráj, who is creating courses specifically for this event. Judge of record is Matt Palmieri.

This Cup event is open to all teams with dogs 18 months of age and older, regardless of current title status.



Outdoors on grass in North County San Diego, this event will showcase "international style" courses and follow in the footsteps of how competitions are commonly run in Europe. We will encourage teams to push for the limits and showcase their speed and advanced skills!

Building a sense of community and creating a great event is also a key initiative of the Califia Cup. The agility community is vibrant and diverse, we want to host an event that all dog sport lovers can enjoy, regardless of whether or not they are competing.

There will be three cumulative rounds plus a finals run. Scoring will be time plus faults. First three rounds will consist of jumping, hybrid and agility (standard minus table). Finals run will be an agility course.

Jump heights will follow AKC regulations. You may run your dog at whatever their current "competitive height" is. More details in the premium.

European-style "fix and finish" training in the ring will be allowed, but this is a competitive event, not a fun run. No toys or treats will be allowed in the ring.



Saturday, June 16th, 2018

The Cup event will be held at Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido. HVOC is less than 20 easy minutes from the I-15 and I-78 interchange.

The trial will be held outdoors on manicured grass footing.

Ring will be 120x90', and fenced on three sides.

There is plenty of room for crating in the site, and/or you may crate out of cars, depending on the weather.

Food will be available via hospitality and food trucks/vendors. Details to come as available.

There is ample parking and RV dry camping is available.

Have more questions? They may be answered via our FAQ page, which can be found here!



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