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Have questions about dog day care? Here’s everything you need to know!

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What does it take to get invited to a sleep over with us?

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Naughty or nice–all dogs benefit from training and education!

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Behavior and training tips and tricks from the experts at Dogs Abound.

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Welcome to Dogs Abound!

  Dogs Abound is the premier dog services facility in North County San Diego. Our canine clients receive socialization, enrichment, training and exercise under the supervision of experienced and caring, certified professional caretakers and trainers. Our premium services include dog day care, comfy overnight boarding, and positive reinforcement-based dog training. Our facility focuses on safety and education, which means you can enjoy peace of mind whether on vacation or at work, knowing your pup is secure with us. We pride ourselves on the levels of enrichment, comfort, supervision and playtime we provide for each member of our extended canine families.   Unlike traditional boarding facilities that confine dogs all day, at Dogs Abound we give the dogs ample play time and engaging activities. Less-experienced day care operations may toss your pup into an unruly group of unknown dogs—at Dogs Abound we interview and assess each and every dog that attends our facility and place them in in size and energy-appropriate play groups. We are attentive to and actively adjust our dogs’ environments, ensuring that our canine charges are happy and comfortable, always!   We know your dog is unique, which is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” routine for our canine clients to follow. We truly understand dogs and their behavior, and everything we do throughout your dog’s stay with us is done with their best interests in mind.   We are confident that Dogs Abound day care and dog boarding in San Marcos, CA is the best you will find. No bones about it!   Contact us today to learn more about our day care, dog boarding and training.
We are certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers and members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

The dog is the god of frolic. ~ Henry Ward Beecher